Sacrifice is an indonesian band formed in 1997 in Sidoarjo (city of the center of Jenggala Kingdom : East Java).

They began by playing raw Black Metal influenced by early Enslaved, Darkthrone, Samael, Bathory... And along the years, their music mutated to some blackened heavy metal, more epic but still dark and mystic.

Since their beginning Sacrifice is famous for they have developped their lyrics and artwork around javanese mythogy and mystic.
The singer, Andhoenk, is deeply involved in the study of the ancestral religion and legends of Java ; he is creating all the illustrations and lyrics of Sacrifice, taking inspiration from his inner visions.

Andhoenk artwork

Line-up :
- Andhoenk : vocal / lyrics / artwork
- Faiz : rythm guitar
- Edy : Lead guitar
- Yoyok : Bass
- Sunari : Drums

Discography :
- Promo Anyare (1998- Ilalang Production)
- Pamukti Kang Pamungkasan (2000 - Ilalang Production)
- Pamukti Kang Pamungkasan (2005 - Unflesh Production)
- Pamukti Kang Pamungkasan (2008 - No Label)
- Rehearshal October 2012 (2013 – Amortout Productions)