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1) Which are the reasons that have pushed you to create Ego Noir?

At first the name is EgoNoir not Ego Noir.
Let me tell you, that before there was the Band there was the lyrical concept. a poem cyclus which simply was called "Egonoir" which is also the name of the protagonist of this story. it took many years and many personal bad experience and suffering to build the parts of the poem to a cyclus.
Later I decided to realize it as music project, because Black metal is the strongest way to represent my emotions. I think to hear my words is much better than to read them. So it was clear to me to choose "EgoNoir" as Bandname, and the whole concept I called "Die Saga".

2) Give me a brief history of the band.

There is no special history. Lethargie is a very good friend of mine, and also an excellent guitarplayer. So we started it with the intention only to do "Die Saga". But we got many problems and discrepances and so for a long while, we gave it up. In this time I did a ambient-project under the banner of EN ("Also Starb Zarathustra"). But after a while we continued our work, and finshed it. Later there where new songs, and so it seems that "EgoNoir" had a life of its own. *hehe*

3) What about the themes of your lyrics?

To make a long story short: "Die Saga" is about a man (Egonoir) and his meeting with his blackest I. With this other side of him he learned how to enslave other people. But after a while he realized, that he the most enslaved is himself. He is in chains of his darkest side. And so it comes to a fight. A fight beyond the humanity, which means the physical death of him and the mental death of his alter ego. In the underworld he accepted both sides of himself as a symbol of one existence, and he rises again to be one with himself, stronger and with more power of will.
Most Lyrics of EgoNoir are about inner demons, the failure of the humankind, and the anger in me.
Other lyrics like "Blutes Ruhm" are what they are: Metal no more or no less.

4) Would you mention which are your musical influences and would you define your music ? BTM describes your sound like last Leviathan and Bethlehem.

I could not say that EgoNoir has direct influences. But it might be right when people say it sounds like inplied bands.

5) Tell me about your debut album “Die Saga” musically and illustrate the composition process. Is an official album or a cd-r ?

As I said before, the release of "Die Saga" took a long time. To the music: I remember the first song was "Teil 2- Eine Kurze Zeit Der Verwirrung". The first Version sounds because of the keyboards to much like Falkenbach and was too positive. So we put them away to create a more depressive feeling. Other songs were created step by step till I found it good enough. I took some other Instruments like didgeridoo, trumpets and violin in the songs, which where played by two friends of mine.
It was only a cd-r but it will be re-released as album over "Amortout" in a while.

6) Lets tell us about your new album "Der Pfad zum Fluss"? The cover art is amazing! Which are the main differences between the new album and the debut ?

Yeah the cover was created by my girlfriend, and it represents the title nearly perfect.
I think the most important difference is : "Die Saga" is very egocentric, but "Der Pfad......." is lyrical more approachable for other people.

7) Recommend to readers some new albums that they have particularly catch your attention.

At first The Ruins Of Beverast- Rain Upon The Impure, simply an awesome work
Wolves In The Throne Room- Diadem of12 Stars, very intense atmosphere
A great none metal work: Helldorado- Director´s Cut The last in the Line: Verdunkeln- Einblick in den Qualenfall, very, very good and emotional.
The first and the last bands are from my hometown, it seems aachen has the best bands *haha* .

8) Any plans for live gigs?

I wish I could do a gig, but lethargie don´t like to do live-concerts, and it´s to much work to find sessionmusicians which play the instruments.

9) Future projects.

At this time I work at my project called Lurid. It´s less Black Metal then more Ambient, but I promise not in the normal way, like most of the things I do are not normal *haha*.

10) Would you leave a message to the readers ?

Yes! The true misanthrope kills himself last!
And to all chicas, give me your addresses *haha*!


Interview by {Mirror}

Copyright © by All Right Reserved.

Pubblicato su: 2007-06-17