DMG 008 CD-r 2000
"The Satanic Devotion"

1 Cerbere
2 Earth Rites
3 The Pilgrims Song
4 Abode A Rats
5 Helleva Screams (mp3)
666 Diamatregon
7 Demon Rides The Nuns
8 Satan Is My Pride
9 Satan War Spit
10 Satanic Devotion

Line up :
Diamargareton: bass / guitars / vocals
'URL : bass / guitars / vocals
Krukka : drums
"You simply MUST hear this band. Total insanity from France. Reminds me of a rawer, more aggressive old Gorgoroth or a faster Vlad Tepes. Just totally extreme, with some of the most horrific black metal vocals ever! Completely throat hurts! Great production with memorable riffs. You won't want to miss this very underground band." said jersey devil distribution